Fisher F22 Review – Buyer Guide Ratings And Price

fisher f22

The Fisher F22 is what the company used to upgrade from the F2. The F2 experienced a great deal of popularity for being a truly remarkable entry level metal detector. The F22 boasts lots of new features that helps it move away from being entry level and firmly place it in the mid-range. So, when […]

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Garrett Ace 200i Review – Good Entry Level Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 200i

The Garrett Ace 200i is a middle end metal detector. This metal detector may be a great pick if you consider to start detecting with 0 experience before, because it’s a great starter model with enough options to get started straight away. I think that Garrett has become one of the leading manufacturers of novice […]

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Minelab Go Find 60 Review – Features, Performance and Buying Guide

As far as metal detector brands go, Minelab is typically listed as one of the better brands on the market. One of its latest releases is the Minelab Go Find 60 which we are reviewing here. With every successive model, Minelab has been able to take the design, technology, and precision up a notch. One of […]

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Best Pinpointer Metal Detectors of 2022

best pinpointer metal detector

If you are quite serious about metal detecting, then you need more than a good metal detector to get you started. You are also going to need a very good pinpointer metal detector. You have probably had the experience of locating something with your metal detector only to realize that you are not entirely sure […]

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How Does a Metal Detector Work?

At some point or another, most people have encountered a metal detector. Even if you are not a metal detecting enthusiast, it is more than likely that you have had a portable one waved over your person. If you are curious about how things work, you may have wondered just what makes a metal detector […]

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