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Garrett Ace 150 in 2023 review

Garrett ACE 150 Metal Detector

There are 3 different modes you can use, All metal mode, Coins, and Jewelry. The mode button changes through the 3 modes. The power button turns it on and off, and powers up instantly. The sensitivity button changes the sensitivity of the machine. The LCD display has a battery indicator but unfortunately, it does not […]

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Garrett Ace 300 & 300i Review – Ace Metal Detectors

Garrett Ace 300i Review

The brand new Garrett Ace 300i and 300 series metal detectors are newly released for 2022 and are said to be the up to date “garrett ace 250”. It’s important to mention that the 300 version of this metal detector is targeted at the United States where as the 300i (i standing for international) is […]

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Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Reviews UK & Best Price

Garrett Pro-pointer Review

Features of Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Locate targets faster increasing finds. Dual alert via vibration or audio which increases as you get closer to the target. Auto Setup with Microprocessor circuitry, allowing for maximum sensitivity with no need for tuning. Tip and Side Scanning Capability In one pinpointer. Product manufacturers manual gives easy tips on special pinpointing […]

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