Minelab E-Trac review

Minelab e-trac is professional metal detector which isn’t well known. This company has a good reputation when it comes delivering great metal detectors so we couldn’t expect less in this case.

After analyzing the Minelab E-Trac I got to the conclusion that this is a great metal detector and I’ll elaborate why bellow.

This is a professional metal detector so you have to take notice that you will have to learn how to use it to make it more efficient. It has so many readings and it’s a complex machine designed to help you find hidden treasures.

Features of E-Trac

  • It can detect on 28 different frequencies from 1.5 kHz up to 100 kHz. Basically, you can detect almost anything that’s in the ground.
  • Smartfind technology – thanks to this you can get better info about what is buried underground
  • Clear resolution visual LCD panel 72mm x 48mm.
  • Backlight button.
  • Refined threshold adjustment level on a 1-50 scale for greater precision to suit your requirements.
  • Trash Density settings – High means fewer false signals in high trash environments while Low is great for clean terrains.
  • 4 custom modes for detection: coins, high trash, beach, and relics

This is something that’s new in the industry, you can save your custom settings and you can create backups which you can share with your friends by directly connecting E-Trac to your computer via the technology known as E-Trac XChange USB functionality.


This metal detector has many features and I’ll try to describe what each of them is doing. I’ll start with the power button because that’s easy to recognize and we’ll go to the right button/display. The power button from E-Trac is located in the left corner. I’ll describe each individual button and functionality below.

  • Sensitivity settings
  • Ferrous and conductivity values
  • Discrimination pattern
  • Target depth indicator
  • Toggle for LCD backlight
  • Right navigation is used when you want to edit discrimination settings
  • Toggle for quick mask mode, the ability to switch between 2 discrimination patterns.
  • Noise cancelation to get rid of interference from false signals
  • Accept/reject targets in detect mode and in edit mode
  • Detect button which will exit from any menu to resume detecting.
  • Pinpoint to find your target faster
  • Main menu button to adjust settings
  • Navigation arrows for detector settings

Youtube review:

Final verdict for Minelab E-Trac

This metal detector is for professional use and it can find valuable metal items with a great accuracy in both normal conditions and extreme ones such as extremely salty soils, seawater, wet beach sand and highly magnetic ground conditions.
It has a huge spectrum of frequencies and it can block interference without any problems. If you have the budget for this metal detector then you should definitely consider on buying it.


I’m one of the founders of this blog. A 32 yr old from Lincolnshire & proud father of 3 beautiful children. My first metal detector was a garret ace 150 but I am currently using the Garrett ace 400i. My best find was a roman coin. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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Seb - January 19, 2019

Hi, i’ve looked at various reviews on the etrac but still am non the wiser as to what kind of depth it can reach?

    Steve - January 19, 2019

    Hi Seb,
    The maximum depth with the minelab e-trac that was reported from other users is at 26 inches or 66 cm.

      David Smith - June 7, 2020

      Hiya mate
      At least i once was witnessed finding a large bronze medieval buckle at a minimum of 30″ inch i was using a 28″ inch spade at the time, it’s still a conversation my friend brings up when we out searching amongst fellow hunters. From Red a avid etrac and se pro user.

jon - September 6, 2019

the depth I get on some u.k. coins is quite impressive, eg 12 inches pound coin in wet sand, 10 inches on a 20p bit in same ground

    Steve - September 9, 2019

    Thank you Jon for this great insight about E-trac!

tony - May 12, 2020

Great machine takes time to master, but it finds coins very very well,just use factory settings for the first month, then adjust settings to suit you as you get used to it ,I WOULD NOT CHANGE MY Etrac, for any other

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