Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector Reviews

Bounty Hunter tracker IV Review

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Detector Specifications

  •  Low Battery Indicator
  •  Tone Target Discrimination: 2 Tone
  •  Intensity Meter Display
  •  Auto Ground Balancing
  •  8″ Waterproof, Interchangeable coil
  •  Dual Tone Discriminate
  •  3 Modes of operation:  All-Metal, Full Discrimination, Tone Discrimination
  •  Sensitivity Meter
  •  Built in internal Speaker
  •  Headphone Jack socket
  •  Sensitivity Adjustment knob
  •  Discrimination Adjustment knob
  •  Analogue Meter
  •  5-year Limited Warranty

Bounty hunter tracker IV control Panel


Bounty Hunter Tracker IV TK4G Videos

Review and how to operate

Tracker IV introduction

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Manual Download Link
Download PDF Here for the Tracker IV Metal Detector

We do not currently have any customer reviews, or enough experience of this machine. If you own a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector, or have previously then please if you would be kind enough leave a review in the comment box and we will be sure to feature it on this page.

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