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Metal Detector Reviews

Garret Metal Detector Reviews

Garrett first started Distributing metal detectors in 1964 and dedicate their time making sure the customers are their number one priority. Garrett is perhaps one of the most well known manufacturers of metal detectors and offer a range of detectors and equipment targeting beginners through to advanced users

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Minelab are one of the biggest players in metal detector technologies. Releasing their first metal detector in 1985 called the Goldseekers 15000. As well as providing technology for the public, they are one of the military’s leading suppliers also. Minelab are a brand that people have come to know and love and they continue to release popular detectors.

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Minlab Metal Detector Reviews

Fisher Metal Detector Reviews

Since 1931 Fisher have been one of the biggest names in metal detectors and equipment. Dr Fisher founded the company retired in 1967 and they are now owned by First Texas Holding Corporations. They moved the Fisher name into the future and now make revolutionary detectors with streamlined interfaces and powerful ground balancing and target separation capabilities.

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This a comprehensive review about some of the best metal detectors to buy this year. The lists features, best metal detectors for beginners, best for intermediate detectorist and what metal detector the more advanced should buy. 
Based on researches from friends, forums, facebook pages and other customer reviews from around the internet the evidence would suggest the XP Deus to be the most popular and successful metal detector.

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