Cleaning Metal Detecting Finds (Beginners Part Seven)

cleaning finds beginners part seven

In this post we will be discussing some methods for cleaning Metal detecting finds. What I want to stress first is everybody has their own methods, and finds their own way of doing it. These are only guides to help you start off, and we don’t want to take responsibility for any damage caused. It […]

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Salisbury Metal Detecting Finds To Be Displayed At Local Museum

Roman Bust Salisbury

Metal Detecting couple Brian and Val Read are to have their Metal Detecting finds displayed at Salisbury museum. The couple have found the items over a 20 year period in the Deverill Valley near Warminster, and the finds include a Roman Bust, a medieval tag and a gilded medieval brooch. Other items found by locals […]

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The Treasure Act for Metal Detecting (Beginners Part Six)

The Treasure Act for Beginners

So you finally get on some land and you discover something that you think may well be classed as treasure? How do you know what you need to report, Who do you report it to? What is classed as treasure trove? In this section our our beginners guide to metal detecting we will explain the […]

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