My Favorite Metal Detecting Story

James Hyatt Treasure

Now I know this happened some time ago, and it’s not breaking news but it is however one of my favorite metal detecting stories. I haven’t included it in the news section as it is an older story. I do love it though, because my boy is nearly at that age where he will be […]

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1 Million Pound Anglo Saxon Hoard Unearthed by Skint Detectorist

Treasure hunter Paul Coleman and Wife

Skint metal detectorist Paul Coleman, was in financial trouble, his bank accounts were in the red and could rarely afford to even go out and hunt because he could not afford the petrol to go in his car. Until now! Paul Coleman 59 has found one of the largest Saxon hoards in the UK. Experts […]

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3 Of The Largest Treasure Hoards Found By Metal Detectors In The UK

The Frome Hoard

Striking a massive hoard is the dream of most detectorists. After all, detecting such a hoard is a life-changing event and typically the results of many years of searching. For the three detectorists detailed below that dream became a reality. Here we will look at 3 Of The Largest Hoards Found By Metal Detectors in the […]

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Beginner Detectorist Finds Gold Roman Coins Worth £100,000

The Solidi gold hoard from St Albans

Who believes in beginners luck? This guy most definitely does! This beginner detectorist finds gold Roman coins 20 minutes after he bought a metal detector!   Wesley Carrington a 34 year old car salesman set out on his day to purchase a metal detector, he went down to the local shop and bought the cheapest […]

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Our New Metal Detecting Website

The Detectorist Steve

Hello everybody I am Steve, between me and my friend we have began creating this website for the detectorist’s, primarily we have added some beginner help guides to start with but our mission is simple we want to be the most complete, amazing, informative, friendly, sociable and interesting metal detecting website on the tinterweb! (internet) […]

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