Whites Treasure Pro Review

Whites TreasurePro Review

Design and Appearance of Treasure Pro Unlike the Whites Treasure Master, the Treasure Pro has a 10” DD search coil attached to it. The coil can be switched out with other coils that are available in the CoinMaster coil family. This metal detector consists of three parts, which arrive disassembled. They are the search coil, […]

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Fisher F44 Review- Latest Prices & Buyer Guide

Fisher F44 Review

The Fisher F44 was specifically designed to be an upgrade to the already existing F4. The F4 was an entry level metal detector that had minimal features, aimed at the beginner detector. The F44 has seen a bump in features but a drop in price. This is enough to take a closer look at the […]

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Fisher F22 Review – Buyer Guide Ratings And Price

fisher f22

The Fisher F22 is what the company used to upgrade from the F2. The F2 experienced a great deal of popularity for being a truly remarkable entry level metal detector. The F22 boasts lots of new features that helps it move away from being entry level and firmly place it in the mid-range. So, when […]

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Garrett Ace 200i Review – Good Entry Level Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 200i

The Garrett Ace 200i is a middle of the road metal detector offered by the prestigious Garrett Company. Garrett has become one of the leading manufacturers of metal detectors and with good cause. One of the reasons for the surge in popularity has been due to the line of Ace metal detectors. The 200i stands […]

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Minelab Go Find 60 Review – Features, Performance and Buying Guide

As far as metal detector brands go, Minelab is typically listed as one of the better brands on the market. One of its latest releases is the Minelab Go Find 60 which we are reviewing here. With every successive model, Minelab has been able to take the design, technology, and precision up a notch. One of […]

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