Garrett Euro Ace Reviews – Ace 350 Built For European Terrain

Are the Garrett Euro Ace and The Garrett Ace 350 The Same? 

The answer is YES!

Garrett Euro AceLet’s just clear this commonly asked question up if I had a penny for every time I have seen this question posted or every time I have been asked I would have a shed load of pennies!!

The only difference between the two is the 350 has the American coin denominations shown on the decal near the LED screen and the depth is in cm and not inches.

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Garrett EuroACE Metal Detector Garrett EuroACE Metal Detector 99 Reviews £279.95

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Design and Appearance of the Garrett Euro Ace

Garrett Euro Ace ReviewsIn true Garrett ACE fashion, the Garrett Euro Ace has stuck to the striking yellow and black design.

For some reason, this always reminds me of Bumblebee from Transformers.

Simplicity as usual is key with the ACE range of detectors, it comes just a few sections, the Control Panel, The upper stem with the elbow rest attached, and the lower stem which attaches to a search coil. As with the Garrett ACE 150 and the Garrett ACE 250 it can be assembled in just a matter of minutes.

Wasting no valuable treasure hunting time!

The cover of the control panel is slid off to reveal the battery compartment, and it takes 4 AA batteries.

There is the standard headphone jack located in the bottom of the control panel and the coil wire also plugs in next to this.

The EuroAce also has an internal speaker.

The one difference between this and the earlier ACE models is the new double D search coil addition!

The panel is very simple to navigate and easy to use.

The buttons are slightly different to the previous models being that they are a little smaller so if you have got bigger hands it can perhaps be a little fiddly.

The machine is lightweight weighing just 1.27 Kgs! Making it a great detector to use all day long without causing any fatigue. It has added grip padding and elbow support padding which adds to the comfort.

However, I won’t recommend this for kids; you can check out my kid’s metal detector reviews here to see the ones I recommended.

Buttons And Modes Of The Garrett EuroAce 350

Garrett Euro Ace Control Panel

The Garrett EuroAce control panel features just 6 buttons and has been kept simple enough for the complete novice to understand and use. The buttons are the following.

  • Mode: Used to select the preset hunting modes.
  • Sensitivity: To increase or decrease the sensitivity of the machine.
  • Discrimination: Changes the discrimination settings.
  • Power button: Powers up the machine in one simple click.
  • PinPoint: Located below the sensitivity button used to pin point and locate targets more accurately.

The “Green Tick and Red Cross” button: Used to select and set the discrimination.

The Garrett 350 offers 5 different preset search modes;

  1. Jewelry mode discriminates most nails and small pieces of iron, designed for finding rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces etc.
  2. Custom mode is used to store your own personal discrimination settings, factory preset it is the same as coin mode, but you can edit this as you see fit.
  3. Relics mode, is used to discriminate against smaller pieces of iron like nails, while retaining the lower end of the conductivity scale keeping good targets such as brass and and bronze.
  4. Coins mode, eliminates all trash like ring pulls, iron and foil etc the Euro Ace 350 has been designed with European coins in mind, and can register almost any where on the metal detectors ID due to the thickness and size and metallic content.
  5. Finally Zero mode, which in a nutshell is the same as All Metal mode just a fancy name.

You can jump straight to customer reviews;

Features And Performance Of The Garrett Euro Ace 350

The new “enhanced Iron Resolution” feature is one that is welcomed from the Euro Ace user.

Unlike the previous models of the ACE this new addition lets the user control and fine tune the Iron Discrimination levels.

Thus giving you more control over separating good targets from trash targets.

A new powerful Double-D PROformance search coil has been added, which detectorists seem to really like, there are a lot of reports of it giving greater depth and performance.

The ACE 350 has been set to a higher frequency, the 8.25Khz frequency improves the machine’s ability to locate small targets, like gold. Some customers of the Euro Ace saying that this is what separates the Euro Ace to the earlier Ace models.

There are lots of mixed reviews when it comes to depth, but I guess it all depends on the ground conditions at the time of the test. However, reports on average of 8 inches have been made.

The Garrett Euro Ace was made with the conditions of European soil in mind, so it performs well in many conditions.

The Ace 150 and 250 sometimes struggled in highly mineralised soils, where as a lot of people have commented that the Euro Ace really excels in these conditions.

Pro’s And Con’s Of The Garrett EuroAce


  • Lightweight and simple to use.
  • A great entry level detector.
  • Great Battery Life.
  • Price to performance ratio is good, being a great price for it’s performance.
  • Easily performs as well as others 3 times the price.


  • Lack of changeable coils available.
  • Yellow coloured buttons can get dirty quickly.

Videos Of The Garrett Euro Ace

Final Verdict

From what I have researched and seen the Garrett Euro Ace would probably be one of the best choices for the beginner detectorist with a higher budget, or an upgrade from the 150 or 250 machines.

The price is very fair and performance is  very consistent with many good reviews all over the internet.

If you want a machine that is simple to use, but has some great pro features then the Euro Ace comes highly recommended from detectorists all over Europe.

If you hurry they have the euro ace on sale by clicking the green button below but hurry it won’t last long.

Garrett EuroACE Metal Detector
99 Reviews
Garrett EuroACE Metal Detector
  • Powerful, large 28 x 22 cm PROformance Double-D searchcoil.
  • Enhanced Iron ResolutionTM-Coin and relic hunters will appreciate the more precise control over how much iron discrimination to apply.
  • Higher Frequency-New 8.25 kHz frequency offers improved ability to detect small, conductive targets
  • Improved Audio-Tone ID optimized to indicate distinctions between ferrous and non-ferrous targets.
  • Volume-control headphones-Garrett's ClearSound Easy Stow headphones are included.

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Steve Race

I’m one of the founders of this blog. A 31 yr old from Lincolnshire & proud father of 3 beautiful children. My first metal detector was a garret ace 150 but I am currently using the ace 400i. My best find was a roman coin. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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Joseph Wesolowski - February 10, 2017

What is the search depth pls ?

    Steve Race
    Steve Race - February 15, 2017

    Hi Joseph,

    The depth varies but for small coins it is up to 150mm and big coins up to 250mm


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