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Minelab Go Find 60 Review – Features, Performance and Buying Guide

As far as metal detector brands go, Minelab is typically listed as one of the better brands on the market. One of its latest releases is the Minelab Go Find 60 which we are reviewing here. With every successive model, Minelab has been able to take the design, technology, and precision up a notch. One of […]

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Minelab X Terra 305 Metal Detector Review

Minelab X-Terra 305

The X-Terra 305 sports a high gloss red finish to the shaft, and control panel face, with the rest of the detector black. We all know the colour is not what matters, having said that it’s kind of nice looking! It weighs around 1.3 KG and comes with a 9″ concentric coil. Assembly has been […]

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Makro Racer Metal Detector Review – Nokta Makro

Makro Racer Metal Detector Review

We haven’t got round to writing our own personal review of the Makro Racer yet, so we have included a great video testing we found below, and you can check out the customer reviews from amazon by clicking the review tab. 4 Detector Search Modes – All metal, Beach Search, Two Tone & Three Tone […]

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